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Friday, December 7, 2012

it's friday, it's friday....

happy Friday everybody! are you ready for the weekend?  I think yes.

dear Starbucks, are you out of your fucking mind? thanks so much for sending me an email that made me want a ridiculous, $450 metal gift card! who am I kidding... clearly I am the one who is insane.  dear Aaron, thanks for being so cute and understanding.  dear Kalie, I can't believe the stuff you let us do to you.  I am sure that there aren't too many Jewish dogs who would let us cover them in garland or Christmas lights to take pictures of them.  I love you! dear Birthday Week, I can't wait for you, I am so excited! dear Breanna, thanks for funding Starbucks trips lately, love you. dear Aaron, please don't leave me after our trip to New York.. Bre and I will be on our best behavior, I promise!  and finally, dear Readers!! I noticed I have a lot of new no-reply bloggers leaving comments. I love you guys, I want to respond, help me out, fix your settings. ok? thanks!

I just realized that it seems like I love a lot of people.. maybe I do?
lots of love to go around I guess... must be the holiday spirit!
who even knew I had that in me!! I guess you should take it while you can get it.

I have two quick side notes before I go!
one: this is my first time trying to whiten someone's teeth in a photo.. don't laugh at poor Aaron.
two: I do not think being Jewish is a joke! I have always wanted to be Jewish, my family raised be very... nondenominational, and since Kalie is my only child that is why we celebrate the Jewish holidays together.  I hope that doesn't offend anyone.

have a great weekend all.



  1. You are so funny. Can you believe Starbucks?!!? Insane. However, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want one ;)

  2. Happy Early Birthday!!! $450 for a coffee card? I'm sure your not the only one that considered it! Happy Holidays Hun <3

  3. Poor K9 Kalie. At least you don't try to dress me up like you do to her :) LOL

    And the first thing I thought when I opened this was damn, I need to ask Amanda what Aaron used to whiten his teeth. Haha then I realize it is all lies, lies.

  4. psh, as a semi-Jew ;) that doesn't offend me at ALL. I think it's hilarious.

  5. Kalie's comment cracked me up - I definitely wondered the same thing! haha!

    And thanks for all of the pictures of your pup - I really need to go follow you on instagram so I can see more pictures! Is that creepy? I hope not! :)

    Good luck today - hope you get some good news!!

    - Sara

  6. Happy early birthday!

    Found your blog, now following!


  7. Wow, Aaron is a Crest White-Strips model!!!

  8. Dang... And I thought the teeth whitening was natural. I was just about to ask what toothpaste he uses!

    Such a cute photo!

  9. First thing I thought when I saw this post was "Holy crap, I know she edited those teeth of his!" lol And love you too!

  10. I almost fell out of my bed when I got that Starbucks email about that card! I think it's insane -- however, in all honesty a) I probably end up spending that much there a year and b) I probably would end up losing that metal card. Grr! Loved your letters this week!