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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

ticked off Tuesday

ticked off Tuesday is sure to be a big deal... one of these Tuesdays in the future!
you can tell from the picture... right? totally.
until then you can just enjoy me rambling as per usual.
though... I am having somewhat of a difficult time being "ticked off".
I got an email this morning that sounded like some pretty good news!
secret keeping until I am more sure.
but since Person Kalie joined in the fun today I better get my ass in gear.

ticked off tuesday - Green Edition

  1. this is something that really pushes me over the edge -when people act like they are doing somebody else, anybody else, a favor by recycling or being environmentally conscious.  listen ass hat.  sure, you might be giving the future generations a better quality of life, however, more importantly, you are helping the planet that YOU live on right now. yep that is right, you are helping yourself. imagine that.
  2. closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam. otherwise known as STYROFOAM. just don't use the shit. its bad.
  3. printing emails. dude... its called E[lectronic]-mail! knock it off.
  4. just in general, people leaving their trash out and about in the world.  if I can pick your crap up and find a trash can, I am fairly sure that you can locate one too.  just throw it in a trash can, or keep it in your car! I don't want to touch your gross cup!
I just realized that this is not entertaining at all, I am honestly just on a rant... sorry :)

see you guys tomorrow, I have some interesting things to share...
I am pretty jazzed about the whole thing.


  1. Please inform my boss of that EMAIL stuff. He thinks they all need to be printed and we need 3-5 copies.
    GET AN iPAD.
    Save my stapler!

  2. I am with you about the recycling comments and STYROFOAM! I will NOT go anywhere that uses styrofoam cups! So when people want to gripe about Chick-fil-a being homophobic or some example of christianity - I could care less because I don't go there because of their use of styrofoam oh and their sodium count in their food - it is INSANE!!

    New follower!