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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

so ticked off [tuesday]

hey y'all! it is Tuesday and it is birthday week!
let's be honest, on a day like today it is getting harder and harder to find things to be ticked off about...
alright, let's be real honest, it is getting harder to find things to seriously be ticked off about
because a whole slew of things irritate me every single day.  are you surprised by that? I doubt it.
so, without further ado, let's get down to this weeks list.

1. the number one thing that I am sure is on everyone's list this week: the twitter & instagram break up. what the fuck people, how am I supposed to properly spread the branded word about my blog happenings?  also, sharing images of Kalie just got a little bit more time consuming... hopefully they will work it out, or twitter will come up with some even better photo options.
    2. speaking of photos: group shots. why is it that we can't all get it together?  I always end up looking wasted in 99% of the photos and then beautiful in the one picture where everyone else looks like a hot ass mess. case in point:
      3. an issue I think most unemployed girls can relate to: I currently have nowhere to wear cute clothes or high heels... so disappointing.

      4. Aaron just told me that my font/brand/blog/giveaway ad looks just like everybody's and does not stand out to him.  hey, thanks for your total support there hun.  go check it out for yourself: []

      5. now this is something that has always gotten me a little ticked... teachers not grading my assignments in a timely fashion.  we all have lives mister, just act like the shit is still important like you did when you wanted me to turn it in!

      I think five should do it. I have a super long study guide to complete today.
      as well as a guest post for a real life friend.
      I also have to mail a check for $110 for having my blood drawn... wtf
      you would think they sucked it out themselves for that price.

      don't forget to check out the new "weekly Kalie"
      and if you aren't already 
      go follow me on twitter [@ismyrealhair] & on instagram [@thisismyrealhair]


      1. LMFAO. I LOVE your face in that photo with Aaron. Can't wait to do a slide show at your wedding :) BTW..when I read the "hey ya'll" my brain automatically read it in a Paula Deen voice.

      2. You are right about those photos, they are hilarious. Aaron's face in the first & yours in the second photo are my favorites. I keep checking for grades too, I am dying since I have been done for over a week now!

      3. Biggest "duh" comment ever, but I LOVE The Weekly Kalie picture! :) What a proper lady!

        And I am also waaayy more frustrated and ticked off about the Twitter/Instagram/Facebook crap than I probably should be. But it is SO frustrating!

        Though I did hear that Twitter will roll out - maybe in January-ish? - their own photo filters for pictures uploaded to or taken in Twitter. We'll see how that goes. Article was on Mashable, I think, if you were interested.

        Why can't we all just get along?!

      4. whoa whoa whoa...instagram and Twitter broke up?

      5. You're always cute, even when you look wasted. I want to share some of the stuff I learned in class this semester to redesign a couple things on your blog. <3