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Thursday, December 6, 2012

i've got your underpants right here!!

Its Ok Thursdays

as I have said a million times, I appreciate "Its Ok" Thursdays because it gives everyone the opportunity to post random crazy things and get support on them.  whether we are being completely insane or the opposite, we can post however we feel, check the link-up, and we are bound to find another blogger friend who supports us.

with that in mind, this week I am saying "Its Ok" to the following.

Its Okay that...

  • I went for a third interview, which I obviously thought was a job offer.  we discussed my starting pay and hours for the first 90 days, set up a start date and THEN they mentioned that they were meeting with one other person and that they would let me know on Friday.  yep... it's completely okay.
  • I have a holiday party to go to on Saturday. my boobs are too big for my dress, I don't know what shoes to wear, I still have to get the dog a menorah... overall, I am just not prepared for December 8th.
  • my birthday week starts on Sunday!! dinner on Sunday with Aaron's family.  nail appointment on Monday [thank god. I am no longer normal, I cannot paint my own nails... shellac.. it's a way of life].  dinner with my dad on Wednesday.  a fancy dinner with Aaron and his mom on my actual birthday, Thursday. another fancy dinner and drinking on Friday with a bunch of the girls. another family thing on Saturday and a 5k on Sunday!  I do it big people... I might be full of myself, and I might have just told you all about it. but I mean... Tuesday is still open?
  • Breanna and I went to buy coldgear Under Armour during her break yesterday.  Long story short she wasn't wearing any underwear.  I actually had a pair I had never worn so I was like, lets save time, just come here, you can have them [best friends].  She pulled up to my house and I was waiting in the car.  I live on a corner lot of a pretty busy street, when she pulled up there were probably 3-4 cars stopped at the intersection.  I rolled down my window holding the rainbow colored thong out, screaming, "I've got your underpants right here!"
  • I interact more with blog friends than real people? what does that mean, real people? I just mean face to face interaction.. I feel like a teenager, I'm sitting on the couch with Aaron and I bust out laughing, "hahahahaha, so and so just said the funniest thing on twitter!!" email or whatever else. is this a problem? nah.
alright, I have got to go buy a dradle and a menorah... and maybe a dress that fits my boobs.
see you guys tomorrow!!


  1. AHH. I am so hoping they get back to you with the BEST news. :)

    Shellac- definitely a way of life. & eek! Your birthday is almost here!!

  2. I knew I liked you! Us big-chested ladies pretty much have to stick together! I can't even recall the amount of times where I've said "...but my boobs are too big for [insert item of clothing here]" - so frustrating!

    Your birthday weeks sounds crazy and awesome! I couldn't handle that much celebrating myself, but it still sounds like a good week!

    Hoping for good news for you on Friday!

    - Sara

  3. Thanks for the laugh! Totally agree on the boobs problem, why don't they have stores specifically for us? And the underwear story was great! Just found you through the link up, look forward to following!

  4. Too funny about the underwear haha! And I have been wanting to try shellac...are they amazing?!?! Love your blog, hope you have a good day!

  5. The thong story is hilarious! I wish you the best on your potential job!

  6. I hope you don't lose any more followers, broadcasting Kalie's religious beliefs all over the place! I mean some ppl might think you're being sarcastic when you say those things. Love you <3

  7. ughhhhh! i HATE when they yo-yo people with job interviews. a company once had my husband sit through a second inerview - three hours!!! and then they sent him a letter saying he didn't get it. he called them back to ask why, and they decided at the last minute to not fill the position at all.

    good luck on yours!! :)