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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

a fashion blogger gets pissed

since I am have gallivanting, I have a special treat for you all.
one of my favorite bloggers has come to relieve me of my duties.
I think you are really going to enjoy Chris' version of Ticked Off Tuesday.
it goes without saying that I giggled multiple times so I know you will too.

have fun and I will see you guys on Friday!


XXO Amanda

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Oh hey there This iS My Real Hair friends! 
I'm Chris and I blog over at Chubbette Tales... Life after Spanx

While Miss Amanda is away, I'm here to play. Normally I talk a ton about jewelry and lots of girly things, but today is all about Ticked Off Tuesday and while there isn't really a whole lot of things that get me foaming at the mouth angry, there are plenty of things that irritate me to no end. 

this IS my real hair

Here we go...

I live in Chicago so when the weather goes above 30 degrees some of us consider it a heat wave.

But here's the thing, if you're wearing a sweater and Ugg boots, it's probably a smart idea to wear pants instead of shorts. And you probably shouldn't complain about how you want a hot drink because you're cold. News flash... you forgot to put your pants on. Of course you're cold.

Another thing that irritates me is when my husband, no matter how many times I nag him, still can't manage to put his socks in the hamper. Maybe I should just get over it and not let it get to me so mad.

But I just can't. I can't explain it, it just bothers the crap out of me. I've talked to my husband about Choices/Consequences. Have you heard of this? I'll tell you... If he chooses to leave his nasty socks on the floor rather than put them in the hamper, then he will suffer the consequences of my wrath. Choices/Consequences. He still continues to do this so I'm convinced he's doing this on purpose to mess with my mind.

The last thing I'll share with you is probably the one thing that absolutely pisses me off the most. Bad Parking. I think people who park horribly are assholes. Yeah, I said it... assholes. Check it out.

I think it's horribly rude and selfish when someone takes up two parking spots. And I especially hate it when it's a luxury car. If you need to take up two parking spaces because you don't want anyone near your car then you probably shouldn't be driving it around... asshole. This is why I've decided to take back the streets by placing these cards on every car that's parked like an asshole. 

Like them? You can get them here

I hope you enjoyed my Ticked Off Tuesday. Just in case you want to come over and say hello you can find me here.

Thanks for having me, Miss Amanda!


  1. All of those things drive me nuts! Im excited to check out a fellow Chicagoans blog!!

  2. Always wanted to buy those "you suck at parking" cards ;)