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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

winner, winner, what should I have for dinner...

I just completed my final weigh-in for the DeitBet that I have been participating in.
the results of this experience were quite pleasing, seeing as I started the bet at 167.0lbs.
I know it is really negative of me to say... but I hope just a few people lost so that I can win.
win more than my original bet I mean.  I really want to participate in another round.
the idea of winning money for doing something that you plan on doing is a pretty sweet deal.

yesterday was Week 4-Day 1 of my 10k trainer app [basically the same thing as couch25k]
it felt pretty chilly out [and I was being a real cry baby] so I went to the gym first and rode the bike.
I only did 4 miles for about 15 minutes but it warmed me up and then I was ready to go.
sad to say, I was unable to finish the entire run because I forgot my inhaler. so professional I know.
I made it just past half way. if the weather is as planned today I might try to redo it this afternoon.

looking forward to another day and I hope that you are too!

XXO Amanda

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