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Friday, April 26, 2013

my true love...

Aaron and I have been "wedding planning" for about five seconds now. and already in this brief amount of time I can easily say that I would be lost without Kayla.  she has been emailing the crap out of me with tips, tricks, and how-to's.  and the best thing about her... she is genuinely supportive of all my ever-changing crazy and off the wall ideas.

so anyhow, I just wanted to take a second to mention how much I appreciate her crazy butt.  love you Kayla!!

also, everybody should have snapchat. it is the best app ever!! ;)   

XXO Amanda

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  1. One- I JUST LOVE YOU!

    Two- lets talk about how skinny you are!!!

    Three- my emails will never end. I am SO here for you dear :)

  2. I love this photo! you look so happy. sounds like you got an amazing friend!
    The Preppy Student

  3. yay, so so happy for you and everything that's to come!

  4. Gah, wedding planning! So excited for you friend! Oh & this ex-wedding planner, could help ya out too, if ya need it! Just let me know! = )