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Monday, April 8, 2013

a little too much information

Friday I took Aaron to a doctor's appointment for his back. which is still an ongoing issue.
we thought this would be a fairly standard OMM appointment, as per usual, it turned out not to be.
since this has been such a serious and chronic problem, the doctor suggested trying something new.
Aaron went ahead and tried prolotherapy which basically means he got a bunch of shots in the back.

just so you know, I have never in my life seen a needle this big.
I was quite sure that I was not going to make it. the entire time I thought I might pass right out.
but like the amazing girlfriend I am [who should most certainly have a ring on it] I stood by him.
yeah so that was a great surprise for a Friday morning. he, of course, ended up staying home from work.
he has also been in a ton of pain all weekend. meaning, no activities have occurred regardless of the weather.
I just hope this works in the long run. I can give up one weekend now if it helps him for many in the future.

switching gears to something more positive and a lot more exciting! do you know what this week is?
I go to Chicago this week with Breanna! I really can't even wait to get out of boring ol' Michigan.
we are leaving on Sunday so I am probably getting ahead of myself with excitement... but whatever.
the weather looks great for right now so lets hope that doesn't change too much in the next 7-10 days.
I just have to suffer through some extra school work this week before we go... should be great.

hope you all have an amazing Monday. I must go tend to my fitness. see you tomorrow!

XXO Amanda

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  1. ohh i would not be able to see a needle go into someone's skin that big! eek. but yay for chi town!

  2. Needles don't get me all worked but if it its as big as you make it sound, no thank you!! ;) have fun in Chicago!!

  3. Geez! I sure wouldn't have been able to hang around. Well maybe I could if I just din't look. Needles creep me out!
    I hope the shots work and his back get better...AND that you "get a ring on it" =)