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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

strong is the new skinny

If you've been around on Amanda's blog for very long I'm sure you've seen my face...
if not, let me introduce myself!

Hi, I'm 7 & still wear big headbands.

I'm Kayla and I blog over at My Kind of Yellow! There you'll find me talking about
1. my wedding next month!
2. working out.
3. food, and lots of it.

Amanda and I have been chatting for quite some time now. 98% of all of our conversations are typically about how many miles we ran, what cereal we had for breakfast, or what type of food we're craving. & if you're wondering...its sushi...its always sushi.

Caleb and I had been doing Insanity for about 25 days (almost in a row)...and then life really decided to get in the way of our schedules. We got approved for the apartment, moved him in the next week, volunteered weekly at church, all the while his parents took a new job opportunity in Arkansas so we helped them move out... and would ya look at that!? Two weeks had gone by and our workout schedule was shot.

We decided Insanity was just not for us at the time, it was stressful and draining. DON'T get me will get you FIT! However, it was just too much for our busy schedules. So, we decided to start running. There's something about running that gives me a sense of accomplishment...a feeling I never really felt with Insanity. So, March 30th, Caleb and I started to run together. Lemme tell ya, there's somethin' about havin a hot man next to you working out, motivation at its finest, my friends.

When April 1 hit, I decided to give myself a challenge. To run 40 miles throughout the period of this month. 

Every single day that I run, I'm feeling stronger... although I'm very sore, I'm feeling good.

So you want a change in your life? GET ON THE TRACK.
Not a runner?
Then I'd find yourself  a workout that you actually enjoy.
I prefer Zumba, but I don't want to pay a $5 charge whenever I want to go.
Also, sign up for My Fitness Pal, its a FREE and easy.
The website helps you set up goals, caloric intake, and measurements. 

It's definitely not easy...the workouts.
They hurt, and some days I just want to face plant into the treadmill...
but it will be worth it soon enough.

Stop on over to my blog and say hi! I'd love to get to know you!!
If you have any tips for me on how to stop craving Krispy Kreme donuts, sushi,
and sweet tea on a daily basis...get at me! ;)

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I cannot tell you guys how much I love Kayla.  she is the most motivational and positive person that you are ever going to meet.  even if you don't think you need someone like that in your life, you totally do.  I email her daily and she pushes me and I push her.  we make a great workout team even though we are never together!  go to her blog and make friends, you will not regret it one bit!! -amanda  

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  1. Oh how I love Kayla!! (and I like big headbands as well). :-)