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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

selling my soul?

I am selling a lot, but I hope it doesn't get that far! but at this point I don't really know what our plan is... however, what I do know is that Aaron and I went through the house and made a list. we are selling everything that we think we can do without. then whatever money we can make off of that stuff will be going towards paying off Aaron's car.

once we have the car paid off, the remaining debt we have will be very limited. if we could sell our house, we would be completely free to do whatever. we are going to live as poor as possible, save and sell anything we can. I am registering for a class that will be on campus until January 2014, which means we can't do anything too drastic until then, which gives us plenty of time to save and make a more serious plan. a plan that definitely involves a lot of travel!

I have been talking to Michelle a lot and it has me questioning what Aaron and I are doing.  why start such a boring, day to day, work life already? there is so much time for that! right now I am working on finding a part-time something to save up some money.  This way I can still focus on school and working on Aaron's business. 

so anyway.. that's what's up with me!


  1. Good for you missy!! Debt SUCKS...Caleb and I are devoted to getting out of debt within our first 2 years of marriage! *Fingers crossed* yay for traveling!!

  2. i might sell my soul to travel around the world like michelle has done;) no, not really. but you know what i mean.

    husband and i started keeping track of our expenses and income so we know how much we can save at the end of the month. it really helps and you can see where you need to cut back.

    michelle is def my hero!

  3. That's awesome! Unfortunately we got into some debt with our move, since everything was so quick. Fun fact... We didn't get in any debt from our wedding, but did with the move. So strange. Anyway, we're working on getting that all back to zero! Good for you guys!