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Monday, April 15, 2013

this [birthday] bitch!

so April 14th marked the day of birth of my best friend ever. no no silly, not Aaron!
my best friend ever in life Breanna! oh boy. I have known this individual for far too long.

you know those shirts that jokingly say, "You and I will always be friends -- You know too much about me."
it is not a joke... these shirts were designed for us.  and I am sure most best friends feel this way.
we have been through a lot of things... and we haven't always been friends. but we always find our way back to one another.  we are like our very own wolf pack, if you know what I mean. and if you don't, please exit.
she is wild and she is crazy, but I usually love it.  it is so rare not to see her in a good mood.

it is important to have friends like that, especially when you are grumpy like me :)
we already went to New York City this year and now for her birthday we are in Chicago.
hopefully California comes next year. we are just two crazy white bitches on a traveling spree. 
but I wouldn't want to see all these places with any other girl.  Breanna is my best and favorite friend.
I would be 100% lost without her... we talk all day everyday and don't make choices without one another.
come to think of it... I think we might be in a relationship? oh well. at least she pays ;)

so happy birthday beef! I hope 25 treats you as well as you treat everybody else.
I love you!!

XXO Amanda

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