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Monday, August 12, 2013

Team Player

this weekend was all about the wedding.


engaged in April, married in September = small

we are having a ceremony of around 50 people in my fiances dad's backyard on the lake.
the reception is before hand, and the wedding is going to be at night with twinkling "fairy lights" everywhere.
we have a lot of camouflaging to do one the one side, so we will do a lot of screening with lights and backdrops.
in my mind it all looks amazing, and if it doesn't, they say you won't care. plus I will have been drinking anyway.
up until Saturday, there have been issues with the wedding planning of course,
if you have planned a wedding, then you know, that people are not always on your team.
thankfully though, there has only been one show stopping major issue to tackle so far. 

yeah, pretty much the biggest swing set ever. there are no lights to cover that!
I have been getting extremely stressed and pissed off over its presence lately,
and we have had more that one argument over it.
that is why I am SO happy to tell you, that it is officially gone!!
a long and hard day was spent taking it apart, getting in on a trailer, and taking it to its new home.

now, really, if you take away any lessons learned from this post about me at all,
it should be that I don't really work very hard.
I am more of the team player that cheers you one and documents the process.
which, personally, I think is equally as important.
where would any of us be this Monday evening without these great videos?

oh.. that's right, you would be probably be on instagram because you've already seen them.


  1. we got engaged in april and are getting married in 2 weeks. dun dun dun. with 150 people. dun dun dun! I am digging the nighttime twinkly light thing--it will be beautiful!

  2. I would have kinda been freakin' about that huge swingset too...but you've got the right matter what on your wedding, you'll have been drinking, and it will be all good LOL! all joking aside I think it's going to be amazing, and I like that you're keeping things small and simple!