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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

the greatest night of my life

is that an exaggeration? I say no. absolutely not.


 let me start from the beginning. 

I am not a huge fan working and I think that if you are reading this, you probably already knew that.
what I am getting at is that I can't remember another concert that I have had to work before or after.
on this particular day, why a Thursday I will never understand, Nicole, Breanna and I all had to work.
this new twist of events [working] made for an even more interesting day.

I ended up showering and getting ready on my lunch break, which means I had to tone down the makeup.
Breanna ended up working later than expected and had to change in the backseat.
do I feel bad about taking her pictures while she was completely no pants in the back of my car?
noway in hell! I missed Pauly D!
Nicole was wise, she changed in the bathroom at her office where there was nobody around to take photos.
we were finally on our way until.. until traffic happened.

have no fear, we did what any teenager would do, we took this as an opportunity for photos.
it really didn't go very well, I assume that most teens have their parents driving.
I didn't hit anybody, but I won't say it wasn't close. Poor Nicole was holding on for dear life.

once we finally got there, we parked further away then I even knew was possible.
I literally parked next to a barn. I have never even seen this portion of the parking FIELD.
absolute shenanigans. 
we got some drinks and then went to find a place to stand and shake our asses.
I did not come to this concert to sit.  I told you last week, I went to have my body rocked!
speaking of body rocked, Breanna did a little of her own secret body rocking...

I had no way of knowing what a huge deal this concert was about to be. 
did you know that they sold out our venue? well they did, and I have the photos to prove it.
yeah, who's the genius with the iPhone that didn't take a panoramic?
don't judge me. my teenage dreams were coming true.

it was a really exciting concert for a number of reasons, a big one being The Backstreet Boys:

a huge reason being The Dance Off:

and lastly the strange melting pot of people that attended.

 I really don't even know what category we would fit into. certainly some sort of weirdos.

 the country folk. by his own emission.
 the bitches. who wouldn't get the fuck out of my way. 
seriously, who walks up to a group of three girls and then stands right in front of them?
snotty girls, who, lemme tell you should SO not be wearing a crop top, who think they are better than everyone.

and grandmas. grandmas with Backstreet Boy poster boards!


  1. hahaha "you should SO not be wearing that rop top" made me're amazing. Glad you had fun!

  2. :D glad you had fun!! I went last night and it was AMAZING, though I could have done without Pauly D and Jesse McCartney.... but I was just so impressed that they could all still dance like that!!

  3. Those grandmas were living out their teenage dreams too!