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Monday, August 19, 2013

my busy life

how about a totally unrelated photo because I have been far too lazy to take any real pictures recently
this week is going to be crazy for me and next week even worse.

I am starting Crossfit 3x/week today and I am pretty nervous.
I don't think that I am prepared for how physically exhausting it is going to be.
on top of doing that today, Wednesday and Friday I have wedding stuff going on too.
Wednesday I have my trial hair appointment. which I am excited and nervous for.
obviously excited because it's a little bit of a sneak peak into the wedding.
I'm nervous though because if I don't like it... well then what the eff will I do?
 and then on Friday... dun dun dunnnn... I have my first wedding dress fitting.
hopefully with all the working out I have planned [and the juice] the fitting will go well.

yep that is right, I am doing a store bought juice fast.
I read a lot about it online and its not THAT bad.
I drink three bottles of juice each day and I get to eat dinner.
honestly, the dinner is optional, but for me it was so not an option.
juice really isn't as filling as you might think.
I am frickin' starving dude, starving and bitchy.

next week is more of the same.
Crossfit 3x/week, work, I start school on Tuesdays & Thursdays
and Breanna and I are going to the Maroon 5 concert.
shit is getting crazy.