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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

people i like

two of my most favorite people ever have birthdays in the month of August.
if you are new here then.. well to be completely honest, you haven't missed anything at all.
nonetheless, the two favorites that I am referring to are, of course, the beautiful Kayla
[you can find her hanging out, being insane, and helping you save money on My Kind of Yellow. Kayla = girl crush!]

and my wonderful and super cute fiancĂ© Aaron!
can you believe I still haven't updated my "about me" section, or written the proposal story?
talk about a blogger fail.. one step at a time here people. don't rush me, I'm like a stray cat. I will run, I swear!

SO Aaron's birthday is August 13th and we always take a week of vacation to Mackinaw during that week.
we love it, but for some reason his family isn't really the biggest fan of our trip. so we have to compromise.
I use that term loosely because really WE don't compromise at all.
all we do is find room in our schedule the week before the trip to allow them to take us to dinner.
don't you love free dinner in honor of someone else? I, for one, love free dinner on account of anything.
so last night, Tuesday night, was Aaron's first 26th birthday celebration!
it is about time he is the same age as me. I have been feeling like a cougar for the last 8 months.



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