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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

go fly a kite

here we are. it is Tuesday again and my hair could not be bigger.

you may be asking yourself, "does she think that is a good photo?"

and I assure you, no. no I do not think that is a good photo.

nevertheless it really does get the job done, doesn't it?

I mean... damn. that hair is big! twice the size of my head. minimum.


this IS my real hair
now that I am back to work I am finding that I have stuff to be Ticked Off about again.
things that I am sure we can all just sigh, shake our head and agree with.
bitches be bitches, haters gonna hate. and so on. 

Here is what I am Ticked Off about this Tuesday

1. filing: I have come to find that filing is similar to laundry. the shit never ends and the people not responsible for it do not understand. like no dude I don't need you to remind me, I can see the shit stacked everywhere!

2. paper cuts: you would think I lost a limb with my reaction to a paper cut... I am probably one the most dramatic people you don't know, and a paper cut reaction is not to be missed. my fingers and emotions are sensitive okay?

3. bad decisions: close friends, or anybody really, making bad decisions that is. of course I don't mind at all when I make them. I do it all time, but when you do it? watch the eff out because I am about to lecture you. I can't handle it. I can see what you are doing to yourself and how it is going to emotionally scar you and I just want to save you the trouble. let me fix you damn it.

4. paying: paying for anything and everything. I want everything I like to be free. I am sick of being too broke for stuff that I like. clothes, shoes, makeup, travel. life is expensive, especially the one I want to have. I turned my cable off and it's only been like eight hours... it is making me really bitter.

that is probably enough bitching.

sadly enough, I need to go do filing.


love you :)


  1. None of the cool kids have cable. You will survive, I promise.

    Also, chapstick on papercuts. Just try it.

  2. your hair is so fun! happy I found your blog!

  3. Languuuaaage, Amanda! ;)

    So glad you have things to tick you off again. Yay! You're normal!! Hehe