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Thursday, August 8, 2013

holy shit balls

tonight I will be living out one of my six grade dreams.
after work, two of my good friends and I will have our lives changed.
we will have "our bodies rocked" if you will.
tonight at The Detroit Energy Music Theater I will be seeing...
some of you might feel a bit of embarrassment or sadness for me
but I assure you that you are going to want to save those feelings.
save them all until tomorrow, when you see the pictures.
I am about to jump up and down like an excited 12 year old all. night. long.
what does an almost married girl wear to a bsb concert to pick up a backstreet boy?
now. now. don't you judge me.
trust me, Aaron would be totally on board with me bringing him a backstreet boy.
he has been telling me forever to get a sugar daddy. he likes money as much as I do.
 how do I possibly transition from that?
yesterday was Olympic Lifting at Crossfit. oh how I loved it.
hands down, without a doubt, my absolute favorite thing to do. ever.
I prepped for the class by working half a day, drinking an obscene amount of water and eating cheeze-its.
it was all going wonderfully until I had to jump rope. have you tried to jump rope recently?
I feel like I remember it being quite easy as a kid... but trust me, it is not easy now.
I definitely almost vom-ed. a number of times if I am being honest. but thankfully I held it together.
I can't wait to lift some really heave shit!
did I mention to you guys that we cancelled our cable?
the back story on that is...depressing really.
so Crossfit is a pretty expensive hobby and cable is also fairly expensive.
and as it turns out, cable has helped significantly to make me fat.
so cancelling cable should help me to save money and lose weight...
fingers crossed.
ANYWAY, that gets me my blogger point, which is that I took a picture of my food.
last night I made dinner! I cooked a meal in my own kitchen for myself. and here is a picture of it.
now I must go do some actual work so that I can try to dip out early with no one noticing.
I have to put the finishing touches and glitter glue on my Brian poster board for tonight.


  1. Get it girlll! That dinner looks YUMMAAYY. Good for you.

    So proud of your Cross-fit success girlfriend!

  2. I totally saw BSB in 6th grade and got to come down to the Palace for it. I thought I was hot shit for it :)

  3. i can't be a fan of crossfit (sorry) but i am definitely a fan of the backstreet boys, so can that count?!

  4. I'm going to see BSB on Tuesday!!! Can't wait!

  5. I'm going to see BSB when they come to Atlanta on the 22nd. I CANNOT waitttt!!! But, I am, however, a little jealous that you're seeing them on a Friday. haha

  6. I'm starting to love coming here to read what you have to say...I think you and I would get along quite well, we've both got a little sweetness mixed with sarcasm going on :) You've got a great way of writing!

  7. nooooooooooooooooooo! I want to see BSB!!!!! :'( They're going to be coming to NC in September! AH. I would LOVE to see them! HAVE FUN :)