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Thursday, August 15, 2013

shitastic vacation

so here I am, day three of our vacation and I am bored outta my mind.
the weather in Northern Michigan is not supporting any of my plans!
we had plans to go biking, hang out on the beach and go to the water park.
however, it has been freezing out and sometimes even raining.

you know what they say, you have to make your own joy/fun, all that shit.
and that is what we have been trying to do. we drove deep into the woods yesterday.
drove, not on a road, but on a snow mobile trail, deep into the woods.
that is where we found this little gem.

we explored all up in that little babe.
and trust me, it was creepy.
I was a fan of the curtains in the kitchen though.

I am also fully embracing the homeless/hunter up north look.
of course, I'm still showering. But ask me if I brought a blow dryer?
even a hair brush is a distant memory at this point.
it's cool though, I just throw on some camo and then nobody sees me.

the main way that we have been creating our own entertainment is by placing bets.
we pretty much argue, then place a wager on ANYTHING that we talk about.
we drove by a million fields of corn, to which I said too bad there is no corn for us to steal.
Ryan of course KNEW that there was and demanded that we pull over.

we also argued that he wouldn't be able to parkour onto the top of an out house.
turns out, that he was actually able to get on top of TWO out houses and then back down.
I won't lie to you, I was impressed, until he got back in the car totally out of breath.

I guess looking back on it, it hasn't been that bad.
hopefully today's activities are equally as entertaining.
I leave you with this little bitty creature of nature.
I am such a girl, amazed by anything alive and small.

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