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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

cha ching! it is time again.

it's ticked off tuesday!!

I will have to admit it guys... by this time in the morning I am usually pretty ticked off.
however, today is a half day of work for me, 
and I have also started taking the office space approach to work, 
it is all paying off in terms of my mood.
but, since it is Tuesday, and since I love you, I will try my best to get more angry!

this week, or maybe just today, I am ticked off about:

  • personalized license plates. sure it might be because I am dumb and can't make out what they say half the time, or because I hate traffic and trying to decode your secret effing message just pisses me off. But then there is the other half of the time where it is extremely clear what the plate says, and what it says my friend, is that you are a damn idiot! 
  • word's with friends, the board game. people... this game has been around for a very long time and it's name is SCRABBLE! what. the. fuck.
  • professors who assume I know things. if you didn't teach me how to use Microsoft Excel there is a pretty decent chance that I have no idea how to use it! "Using the CORREL function correlate light vehicle sales with real GDP." I'm sorry, did you just speak to me in Chinese??!
  • when people don't say "bless you" to a person who has sneezed. what's your problem? what do you have against this person? stop being such an a-hole.
and lastly!
  • my ear infection will not go away. not because of the pain, or because of the annoying ear drops that I have to have Aaron put in there. I am ticked off that I can't wear an earbud in my left ear, which of course, is the ear that faces the annoying cackling bitches in my office. sigh. [is earbud the proper singular conversion for earbuds??]

 side notes!

  1. I am participating in a really great giveaway on Taylor's blog [The Daily Tay]. I know you are all like, hello you are always doing something on Taylor's blog. and you people are right. it might be because I like to see Harlow and it might be because she's hilarious. Hell, it might be both. Go find out for yourself and win some stuff while you are at it!
  1. [do you know how old I am? 25... I turn 26 in one month exactly, I expect gifts] my mommy is coming over tonight to help me look for independent health insurance. I am hoping to get an offer on this new job so I want to be prepared. I also want to quit daily so I should be prepared for that too. this morning some strange things also crossed my mind that made me think that maybe my time is running out here.. so I would need my own health insurance in that scenario too. perhaps the office space approach isn't working out for me like it did in the movie? too bad.. ha


  1. Sometimes I chuckle at license plates, but most of the time I'm like... "You seriously had THAT personalized, 'SassyB69'?" ANYWAY.

    I totally wish I could wear earbuds at work, would avoid a lot of pointless conversations w/ coworkers I can't stand. Hope your ear infection goes away soon, they are THE WORST!

  2. lol I actually just posted a semi-angry post about choosing a health plan this morning.

    I completely agree about the words with friends game! When I saw the commercial I said to my husband, "That's just like scrabble!"

    I had an ear infection a few months ago that would NOT go away. I was surprised that I even had an ear infection in the first place since I hadn't had one since I was oh...about 7. My doctor finally told me that I should pop my ears at least 2 times an hour every day. You know that thing where you plug your nose, take a deep breath through your mouth, and then blow out but don't really let any air escape? It worked!

    Hope you get that new job! Then maybe you won't need the ear buds?