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Monday, November 12, 2012

silly weekend

I hope you all are ready for some silly silly photos.
Kayla [from My Kind of Yellow] and I were having a ridiculous email chat last week during work.
ridiculous because, who is all "oh my gosh I so so so want to wear fake eyelashes" and then never tries?
well, as it turns out, that is exactly what the two of us have been doing.
so this weekend we decided we would both try to put lashes on [first time ever] 
and then we would send each other pictures. you know, to make one another feel better about being an idiot.
so it was freaking hilarious. that shit is so hard!! 
I spent Saturday morning in front of the mirror for a good 45 minutes trying to get them on properly. 
then [as per usual] as soon as they were on and looked "ok" I got a call to come in for a second interview.

they make taking lashes off look so easy on TV... it is not easy! it hurt so bad!
in the end I did end up getting them on, and then off, but my face hurt.. 

ready to see it??
for some reason I have a shocked look on my face... horrible!
this is so embarrassing. I cannot believe I am putting this on the internet

I am just saying, crazy eyelashes and all, she is still so stinkin' cute!
and look at this girl's closet. oh. my. god.
why is her picture so much cuter than any of mine...
probably because I am lazy. yep, that is my guess.

Sunday was much less eventful for me.
Aaron and I made breakfast and while we were eating we decided we need to move.
I don't know if you can really tell,
but that is a dude laying on the ground in the yard across from ours, and two cops standing guard.
two more cops ended up showing up and taking everything away from this dude, including his belt.
probably an hour and a half later, an ambulance came and took his drunk ass away.
p.s. this started at like 11:45AM
then we cleaned out the garage, watched a Denzel movie from 1998 and did laundry.
it was a great relaxing day. it also evoked feelings of:
I hate work and I don't ever want to work again.
oh well!

have an amazing Monday everybody!


  1. hahaha love this! I love fake eyelashes.

  2. Just found you form Kayla's blog. This is so hilarious!

  3. Kayla is my sister-in-law to be so of course I say to stop in and say hello! Both of your posts made me giggle. I've only worn the crazy type of fakies, like ones with gold sparkles in them for Halloween, etc!

  4. Love that we did this! ;) you are crazy, girl. So much fun chatting with you this weekend!!

    Also, that random dude laying in the street cracked me up! Ha!

  5. The lashes look good! I'm not good at putting them on either :/