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Monday, November 12, 2012

to blog, or not to blog

is it wrong to blog twice in one morning?

personally, I feel that [recently] you should take my posts when you can get them!

the truth is, I love a good challenge, and when I get one that I think you guys might like two, I share!
so what do you guys think? I can only assume that the calendar is screaming, "give up meat you dumbass!!"
but that is a total commitment that I don't think I am ready for yet.
so... what can I cut out? I want to say Starbucks, because last week I had already planned on doing that,
but that feels like cheating, doesn't it?
I mean, I am eating a milky way right now... so there's that!?
I also would say red meat... but I so rarely eat it right now that it too, feels like cheating. or how about stress? haha

alright, here is what I am going with, this week I will eliminate the following from my life:
  • Starbucks - already had plans of this anyway. now I can be a little more accountable.
  • Red Meat - I started trying to eliminate this quite awhile ago. Now I rarely eat it, but I don't really try to use alternatives, I just straight don't eat it.  I would really like to try some alternatives in the meals which I still enjoy red meat in.
  • ANY meal that is not made in my own house. or you know, a family members house. not one single meal out. this is going to be an amazing challenge.
ohhh, I can't wait! next Monday, I will update you on how it went, because I know that you totally care!

I challenge you to join in, what can you cut out of your life this week?


  1. NEVER!!! ;)

    I found you via the Weekend Update linkup! Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing a Heylee B. Boutique Giveaway! I thought you might be interested.


  2. good luck, girl! sounds like an intense plan... but you can do it!

  3. I've given up certain foods for months at a time. It was incredibly hard. But I think your one week challenge is do-able! After one week you mugyt be motivated to keep going or give up something else!

  4. That's an awesome calendar, why don't I have that?!!?

  5. HAHAHAHA this is hilarious because I am seriously about to go downstairs to get a Milky Way...
    Love your blog.