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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

mad. mad. mad.

did you think this was going to be a political post?

as if. [that was so Alicia Silverstone in Clueless]

I went to traffic "court" this morning.
more like trashy disgusting waiting room if you ask me.
my court docket thing said I had to be there at 8AM
I have never done this before, and I have thing against being late, so I promptly arrived 10 minutes early.
wouldn't you know it, the damn place doesn't open until 8AM. 
I had to stand outside with those people who insist on smoking next to the front door of establishments. 
so incredibly rude. blah blah wait wait
finally the douche bag state cop comes out and asks me what I want to do...
um hello, I have no fucking idea. it's not like I get speeding tickets all the time.
in fact, I have never once done this before, so how about you break it down for me.
basically he was a real dick. he told me, "We don't remove points from licenses here anymore."
and then went on about how he had in his notes that I was in the right lane passing people
[which is a lie]
the end result [when he was finished being a dick] 
was that I could have paid the stupid ticket in the first place and not missed any work. but instead, 
I sat in that shit hole for two hours, missed three hours of work, and paid that ticket 1.5 times.
I am totally buggin'


  1. #1 love the clueless referencew, it's my all time fave movie! #2 that all sounds horrible :(

  2. LOVED clueless, you go Alicia Silverstone. Also- that blows! That sounds like NO fun at all! Cops can be real jerks. Sorry you had a bad experience.

    Hoping the rest of your week picks up :)

  3. Argh! I have no experience with this, but just from my brief interaction with the DMV makes me feel for you. I laughed at the Clueless picture.

  4. Loved the Clueless reference! But sucks about everything else. Hubs & I had to go to court to contest a speeding ticket he got & I felt the same way about the waiting room. There was literally a kid hocking up shit & spitting it on the courtroom floor. Who DOES that?!