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Friday, November 9, 2012

killed it

nope not the dog. she's still on the good girl list.
I would be talking about my job interview!
my two hour long job interview. that I was 100% prepared for.
the drive to the office was as perfect as you could imagine.
it took my only 30 minutes, I passed 2 Starbucks locations, and the roads/traffic were lined with trees.
praises Jesus.
the office is also in close proximity to THRE Whole Foods stores.
get serious.
those are probably the only three we currently have in Michigan.
and my outfit was perfection. professional yet sassy, exactly me.
I will update you when I am updated myself.
have an amazing Friday! because I know I will be.


  1. I love that feeling when I know I've rocked an interview. Good for you. I love those pants BTW!

  2. what a perfect situation for you! Let us know as soon a you get it. I'm sure you will! With awesome pants like that how can they not hire you?

  3. So excited for you! Don't you LOVE when you just kill an interview?! "nailed it!" LOVE the outfit girl.

    :) happy weekend!

  4. SOO HAPPY FOR YOU BEEF! However, you spelled three wrong :)lol

  5. I love these pants! Such a great print! You are right, perfection - professional yet sassy ;)