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Thursday, November 22, 2012

everyday... but mostly today

I am thankful for a lot.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating this American holiday. 
why does it always take something silly, like a holiday, to make you remember how lucky you are?
I have actually be given this post a lot of thought during my little life crisis here.
there is a ton to be thankful for, and without some of it [them] I would be probably be homeless or something.

we are all busy people today, so I will keep this brief [ha]
without further rambling, I give you my bullet points of thankfulness....

I am thankful for...

 [oh god, talk about a wide load... hit the gym Amanda!]
  • Aaron. seriously, love of my life, and currently paying for my life.  we are the exact opposites, he is never loud or stressed, never worries or gets anxiety over anything.  he keeps me calm and takes care of me, but never makes me feel like I owe him anything.  he is amazing and I am so so lucky to have him.

 [don't you just love low quality cell phone pictures? and my head in the last one.. wtf]
  • Family.what a bunch of wack-a-doodles! I couldn't go a day without these crazies. I love them so much. sure we argue... some might say a lot, but that is just called passion people! I have a great family and we would do anything for one another.

  • Kalie. oh gosh. this dog is my child, it is completely ridiculous. now that we got new furniture I have to wash her paws off every single time she comes into the house... that, my friends, is love. I can't stand to be away from her cute little face! ugh, I need to move on now.

  • Breanna. who else can I exchange ridiculous self photos with? who else will always give me inspiration regarding what to write about? who else will always listen to me freak the eff out for 7 minutes, then 3 minutes later logically talk myself out of whatever my problem was. there are really not too many people who can pick up what I am throwing down, and there are probably fewer who want to! bottom line: lost without her.

now for a few silly things that I am thankful for:

  • Taylor Swift [girl crush]
  • Iced Coffee
  • Google
  • the iPhone5
  • twitter
  • bloggy friendships. Kayla, Michelle, and Alicia I am talking about you! 
have an amazing day everybody!!

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  1. You are so stinkin sweet. Thankful for our new silly friendship girl. Yay for blogging!!! ;)