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Thursday, November 15, 2012

it's all going to be okay

Its Ok Thursdays

I am not yet fully recovered from the surprise of Tuesday.
even though I hated the job and dreamed of quitting everyday, its still kinda rough.
instead of neglecting you, I will do the "Its Ok" linkup, and be back tomorrow with a real post.

it's ok that...

  • I am no longer employed. [duh] I didn't like my job and now I have time to do things that I do like!
  • I haven't really done too much school stuff yet. I am focused on deep cleaning the house and it is going very well.
  • I really really really think that I am going to buy Taylor Swift tickets today. I am not collecting unemployment, therefore, I can still purchase frivolous fun things!! and hello, I have a presale code.. pretty much a sign right?!
  • we currently have no plans to cancel any of our NYC trips. I mean, why waste the freedom right?!
  • I went grocery shopping at two different places yesterday to save money! I also plan on hitting up one more location today. I am filling this house up and cooking all the time. Aaron actually got a hot lunch outta me yesterday.
  • I always buy buy buy and then go and return 90% of my purchases... I think the lighting in stores clouds my judgement?
  • I haven't used my camera in... I don't know how long... today I will change that!
  • I thanked Jesus that I got my hair and nails done before getting laid-off... 
alrighty, that is it.
I am off to the Detroit Institute of Arts, Kinko's, and a bunch of other crazy good shit!


  1. I am so jealous of the NYC trip- I have been wanting to go for YEARS. Hopefully I'll get to go someday. And I'm sure that you'll find a job that you enjoy- it makes all the difference in the world!

    Please stop by and say hi sometime!

    Have a fabulous day!

  2. Im sorry to hear about your job but at least you are looking at the positive side :)

  3. You went to the DIA. JEALOUS. And please start to bargain shop for me too. Thanks.

  4. You do it giiirl. Enjoy this time off work. Do whatever the heck you want!! ;) I need my stinkin nails done, ugh.

  5. Sorry to hear you got laid off! But enjoy your freedom while ya can, something else will come your way before you realize it. A trip to NYC sounds perfect --Meagan

  6. Sorry to hear you were laid off--- I agree though, enjoy the little bit of freedom now, while ya can!

    PS- is that a pic of where you worked? A box office?! That's what i do.