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Thursday, November 8, 2012

my little burrito bubby

since I missed posting on Kalie's birthday [October 31st],
because I am a horrible mother
and because I woke up today and we were spooning and she was so so cute,
I decided to do a post dedicated to her precious little face.
also, she hasn't pissed in my bed in a really long time, so I feel like she needs some good girl recognition.
 this little B is the love of my life.
of course Aaron is a close second, but second nonetheless.
we got incredibly lucky when we jumped into adopting her with literally no knowledge of what we were doing.
she learned quickly, responded perfectly to treats, and listens really well.
except for COME. she will not come back if she get's free. she is an independent woman after all.
she has allergies, 1 million nicknames, a sensitive tummy, and a chewing addiction.
she costs me hundreds of dollars a month on nylabones and grain free food,
but I wouldn't change a thing about her.
she meets me at the door when I get home with her favorite bone, sneezing and wagging her tail, everyday!
of course I have a million more photos of her...
but these are all the ones I currently have on my iPhone, which I just got less than one month ago.
I think I may have another problem to add to my long list of issues...
I love you Bubby Tubkins.
never. ever. change.


  1. Precious. Makes me miss my pup!! She is adorable, love her spots!

  2. I love people that love their dogs so much!
    Our Bella has a million nick names too. Most of them must be said it a cutesy baby voice lol. She also does not come like she is supposed to. Last weekend she once again escaped for the 2nd time out of the fence in the back of our yard. Beyond that fence is a GIANT corn field. We live in IL that corn field stretches from her to WI about a 3 hour drive away. We were out back and I realized I couldn't see her anymore. Then I hears her running in the field. I ran out the back gate and saw her little black body running and running off through the field. She was having the time of her life while I panicked and was calling her in tears. I started telling her I had treats and she came running back. I marched into the garage and told my husband we needed to Bella proof the back corner of the fence. the first time she got out a board was broken that we didn't know about and she slipped out. This time she wedged her body through a gap in the corner that we felt certain she could never fit through. Now there is no way she can sneak out!

  3. I just re-read my comment..I have a billion grammatical errors. I promise I am not that stupid lol

  4. what a cute cute puppy. I just love dogs. they make me happy.
    Helene in Between

  5. Your puppy is adorable!! I'm a dog fanatic. In the short 1.5 months I've been blogging, I think I've already done about 5 posts dedicated to her? Ridiculous!

    Found your blog through Kayla's. Glad I did!
    Southern Living, Our Way ~

  6. Oh gosh, what a little cutie! Absolutely love these photos!!!
    xo TJ