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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I most certainly have posts planned for this week, I just haven't actually had the time to write any of them. You'd be surprised by how little I can actually function when I have a job. During my training portion they have me working 40+ hours a week. This was supposed to be part-time damn it! I am just not a huge fan of working... But some girl just had a baby, came back to work, and then quit. I guess being a working mom just wasn't for her.

So in any case, I should have a more entertaining post up for tomorrow. I had a pretty good Saturday night, which is rare because I live the life of a really boring 80 year old. Get excited over it, it's gonna be great.

Has anyone ever used this blogger app? I am on my iPhone at work as I type. This app is pretty good, the process hasn't been difficult at all. Just ya know, a little FYI for the road. 

See you tomorrow!

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