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Monday, March 17, 2014

what's on my phone

as I sit here, continuing my True Life obsession, I am at a loss as to what to write.
therefore, I have resorted to a "what's on my phone" post.
trust me, it isn't that bad. it is way better than a weekend recap.

 after I quit the gym I lost my mind a little.
fried: cheese balls, ravioli, and curly fries
after a few days, I went to Trader Joe's and tried to get back on track.
did I ever tell you that we don't have a dining room or dining table?
we don't. sometimes I eat on the floor... 

 I always opt for drugs whenever possible.
yes please to the gas at the dentist.

 I get this sorta thing a lot.

 soy milk. vodka, protein. 
what else do you need?

you need hibachi, obviously. 
I like to make the classroom my own space.
I also enjoy salt and pepper.

I didn't realize that this whole post would be food related.
it is becoming more and more clear why I am chubby.
hope you ate before you read this!

XXO Amanda

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