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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

losing my virginity

FYI this post is about my first day at the bank.
was that title tricky? if it was, then you are a sicko.

 this was not the kind of first day where you are thrown into the unknown.
overwhelmed and unsure if you will be able to cut it.
you know, the exciting/nerve wracking first day that I was hoping for.
this was the kind of first day where I met no one, saw no one, and left my bosses office one time.
I ended up spending [probably one of the longest of my life] 4.5 hours alone watching training videos and completing assessments.
I thought I got this job so I wouldn't be working in a closed up office?

one valuable thing I did learn, is that Aaron may, in fact, be an "at risk adult."
the easiest way I can think to explain that is: like an old person who's has their kids taking advantage of them.
"abuse. neglect. exploitation."
now I would not agree that I abuse him... but I do spend an awful lot of his money and I don't cook or clean all that often.
sounds to me like exploitation and neglect.
it said something about using gilt or threats in order to gain access to funds...
"honey if you don't let me buy these shoes I. will. DIE."
"I really need to get my hair done, my roots are going to humiliate you in public."

I don't know, just something to think about.

XXO Amanda


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  1. You are hilarious! First days are never really an inclination of that the rest of the days will be like. Once you get through the training period, it'll be KILLER! :) I just know it. I used to want to be a bank teller, it just looks fun! ;) ...just remember how badly you wanted this job!!

    Bahaha "if I don't get these shoes, I will DIE!"