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Thursday, March 6, 2014


I was introduced to a new link-up this week
it has been a pretty long time since I participated in a link-up
but this one seems very cute and I am short on ideas

Allison on Nestful of Love hosts the Hello/Goodbye link-up each month
it seems like a really great way to have a rant but not seem like a negative nelly
which, really, who want's to be a negative nelly?
no. one.
which is like impossible because of the endless winter we are all experiencing

good god, Amanda. get to it already!

Hello March/Goodbye February
[please lord let it be sunny more often!]

Hello New Job/Goodbye Being Bored and Lazy
[money, money, money, moneyyyy. money. if you didn't sing it, we can't be friends]

Hello Joining a New Gym/Goodbye Fat McNasty
[going back to basics and lifting on my own]

Hello Blog/Goodbye Wasting Time
[I really really need to redo my blog design! Ideas welcome]

Hello Water/Goodbye Pop/Soda/Cola
[I don't know where you live and what you call it!]

Hello Last Year of Graduate School/Goodbye Tuition & Wanting to Kill Myself
[I should be all finished by Summer of 2015. thank. you. Jesus.]  

Hello Social Media/Goodbye Texting
[I feel like I need more exposure (cue sarcasm)]

Hello New Friends/Goodbye Being Lonely 
[that may or may not be you Laura, Sean, & Brittany lol]

Hello Eating Candy/Goodbye Paleo
[I went Paleo for a month and lost no weight. Conclusion: candy isn't that bad for me]

I am thrilled about a fresh start
[because that's what new months are for]
and I can't wait to do things differently
CHEERS to March!

XXO Amanda

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  1. Isn't this a fun link up? Glad you decided to join in on the fun!! Yay for drinking miss water, it's the BEST!!! I'm excited for you to start your new job! So many fun things happening for you right now. Erin is going to kill it on your blog design ;)

  2. Congrats on your new job! I would also love to see some more sunshine! Clouds, clouds, go away!! Love your post :)