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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


is it cool if we just pretend like there hasn't been a random gap in my posts?
okay. great thanks!

I have finally gotten another job.
personal thought...I feel like I am all over the map with job applications...
I have been applying to Marketing Coordinator positions mainly
and the majority of those jobs have been in Texas.
however, the job that I just got [and start 3.17] is at a bank.
I am going to be a Bank Teller... something I have never done.
honestly, I am really excited about the opportunity.
I have had probably.. 12-15 jobs since I was 15, so
doing something that I have never done isn't very common.

so yeah, that's gonna be me: Sexy Bank Teller

I think I am actually looking forward to business casual again..
I hardly even get dressed these days, "dressing up" is nowhere on my radar.
of course... it's pretty stressful too because I have no idea what I am doing.
hopefully I am good at it and can do it well.

moving onward,
you may be asking yourself, Texas? is she really planning to move to Texas?
Helene you might be thinking "AHHH I hope she's seriously moving to Texas!"
and I really hope that I am too!

 I just feel like now is the perfect time to try new things.
we have no kids, I don't have a real job... 
it feels right to move across the country at this place in our lives.
I am taking this pretty seriously and I am getting very excited.
I am hoping that Aaron will start applying for positions soon,
because the chances of him getting hired are a lot better.
Network Administrators/Engineers are in hot demand

I just hope this isn't another random pipe dream!
fingers crossed yo

XXO Amanda


  1. You look gorgeous in that picture!! And you're gonna be the hottest bank teller on the block ;)

  2. ohh i would love it if you came to Texas!! good luck with everything, and hope the teller job goes well!

  3. Congratulations on your new job!!! Hope your dreams become a reality :D