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Monday, October 6, 2014

10 Things

Day Six: Ten Things I Would Tell Myself When I Started Blogging

Flashback to June 2012 friends. I was in a rut... similar to the rut I am finding myself right now. I used to read people's blogs and think, wow! they are having a lot of fun in their lives. So I decided, I'll start a blog and I will have to be more active and outgoing to ensure that I have photos to share and content to add. But, as with everyone (at least I think so!) I got very caught up in readers, popularity, and all that other nonsense.

For today's #BLOGTOBER14 post I will share ten things I wish I had known way back then.
  1. don't do it for the fame: if you are blogging just because you want more readers, you are never gonna get anywhere. every post won't be a winner and people won't always understand. 
  2. write whatever/whenever you want: if you want to write one day and skip the next month, do it. if you want to blog 5 different topics in one day, do it. there are no rules, this is your space!
  3. don't buy followers: giveaways are fun if you are doing it because you appreciate and like your readers. giveaways because you want more people to click follow on your blog, are silly. real readers don't need prizes.
  4. focus on real connections: build relationships with like minded people. use social media, blog comments, and email to connect with those people. they are were your greatest ideas will come from.
  5. real friendship happen: you start to talk to your blog friends more than "real" people. they get you and they motivate you. some of them will even take your wedding pictures at deep discounted prices!
  6. rejection happens: not all the bloggers that you "love" will reciprocate your feelings.
  7. ignore negativity: not everyone is going to like you and not every post will receive good reviews.
  8. never forget your camera: nobody enjoys shitty camera work and you'll be embarrassed later.
  9. be real & be honest: write in your own voice with your own style. don't try to be someone you aren't.
  10. don't get caught up in comparison: nobody shares it all. we all have problems and rough spots. don't bring yourself down by focusing only on the good stuff that people share.
Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. wouldn't it be cool if we could go back?

  2. Amanda, yes. This post is one of the best ones I have seen written. Straight, honest, and to the point. I could not agree more about the "being famous" and "negativity" part.