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Friday, October 17, 2014

Master Bull-Shitter

I am beginning to feel that these #BLOGTOBER14 posts are really getting to the core of my being. I wonder, am I sharing far too much of myself? I also think that I might be taking a more serious approach than a lot of people.. that in itself is an odd experience. I am not the serious type of blogger. Nevertheless, let me continue.

Day Seventeen: I am an Expert at...

This post, in particular, was challenging for me. I'm really not that great at anything... I get by, but usually there ain't much to write home about. And then, I remembered something a friend said to me after a job interview one day, "wow, you are really good at thinking on your feet." And it struck me: I am an expert at making shit up.

Does it make me a good liar, if I am able to spin a tale at a moments notice? Does it make me a bad person, because I typically prefer to wing it when it comes to interviews, presentations, or any other question based experience? I say no. I say that this trait of mine (is that the right word..?), makes me creative.

So, if you ever need helping coming up with an excuse for why you didn't finish a project for work on time, or a riveting answer to an interview question, you know where to come. I will be here for you, because that is part of the job when you are an expert, you must always share your skills to better the lives of others.

Helene in Between

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  1. Haha! I love this! This one is so much better than mine. Happy Friday!