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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

the ABCs

Day 29: My Most Embarrassing Moment

Here in Michigan, the summer means going on vacations "up north." And for my family, going "up north" typically includes visiting Mackinac Island. If you aren't familiar with the island, you can read about it HERE, or you can trust that it is pretty much just a tourist trap. Literally, an island that you can't escape from without a boat, ferry ticket, or airplane.

My most embarrassing moment goes back to the summer of 2006(?). This was before Aaron and I did a lot of road trips, and I was very uncomfortable with public restrooms. I'm still not the biggest fan, but I have learned that you better go when you get the chance. This particular summer, my family had decided that we would take a girls weekend trip up north. So, my mother, my grandmother, my Aunt Becky and I all went, and we obviously decided that we were going to go to the island.

As I mentioned, getting to the island requires a ferry boat (for us poor folk). There are pretty standard run schedules for the ferries and you just have to wait until they come back to take you. So of course, without fail, I had to pee. It wasn't like a porta-potty or anything, but it was pretty bad, and it was extremely close to the general waiting area.

I went in the bathroom stall and I could still hear the people in the waiting area talking. I immediately knew it was not gonna happen. I went back out and took my mother into the bathroom with me. "I need you to make some noise so nobody can hear me!" She began to sing the ABCs over and over, louder and louder.

Sure it allowed me to pee, but it also allowed everyone to laugh. Absolute horror.

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