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Friday, October 3, 2014

i cannot go on w/o you

Today I thought that we could all benefit from a lighter #BLOGTOBER14 post. I don't need to be so gosh darn serious all the time. So when you read this post, and you think to yourself: "OMG why didn't she talk about her family, her pets, or her husband?!" don't get mad, remember that I am taking a lighter approach for a change. K, thanks!

Day Three: One Thing I Can't Live Without...

Aaron complains all the time that I am all over my phone. And truthfully, I can't argue with him. I feel like I'm constantly worried I might miss some serious update. I have to check instagram and Twitter, at least, every five minutes. But besides my compulsive social media checks, there are many other important things that my phone does for me. phone is my:

1. main source of communication: I have a number of friends that I don't see on a regular basis, bit we still manage to talk almost every single day. Social media and text messaging keep me connected with all of my buddies and my family.

2. main source for navigation/directions: I don't know about you, but I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag without google maps. Having a smart phone with GPS/navigation has taken so much stress out of my life. Now I just go for random drives to nowhere and then navigate home using my phone. Freedom!

3. main source of overall information: if there is ever doubt or a question of any kind, Google is my savior. Without the internet there would be a lot fewer final words on an argument. Aaron and I are complete opposites and we fight about who is right all the time. Thank god for internet searches at your finger tips! 

Helene in Between


  1. No judgment! Plus, the prompt says a THING you can't live without, and all of the serious stuff you mentioned are living people or beings, so you're off the hook :)

  2. Y-E-S to all of the above! I have no clue what I would do without my phone. Well, maybe I'd actually get some work done or take care of household chores, but where's the fun in that?! Happy Friday! Visiting from the linkup!


  3. for serious, where would i be without my phone?!? gotta love it.

  4. First! Love your blog and the title. Nice hair! And second, I was totes thinking my phone too, and I was waiting for someone to say, "Hey she didn't say her kid." Took the lighter approach too.

  5. I would be so up sh*t creek without the GPS on my phone, probably quite literally! Haha.

    It's really pretty amazing how much we use our phones for these days. It's a wonder we still call them phones and not pocket computers.

    My one thing fits in my pocket too....and I wish I could use it as much as you use your phone!


  6. OH i think many many people can relate to that these days. Sometimes i feel that my phone has become part of my arm of some sort...and that's when i put it down & go for a jog :-P But hey, i only got my very first smartphone this'm still a newbie, right?!

    Luchessa @

  7. LOL at your post title. Love it! A phone is a modern necessity, that's for sure!

    Happy Friday!

  8. I agree with the rest of the comments. Most of us can't go a minute without our phones or we freak out.