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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Elected Official

Guess what today is.. It is, finally, Megan's bachelorette party! It's supposed to be a relaxed kind of thing, not too big, not too many crazy plans. But hey, Breanna and I are going so thats bound to change. We got some great gifts for the bride (completely horrifying and inappropriate gifts) and I am ready to have a good time. Which I know we will... we always do.

Today is also the day that #BLOGTOBER14 forces me to show how uneducated I am. I haven't really wanted to write this post for a number of reason. But the biggest being, I don't want to offend people. When Aaron and I argue about our political views, I try to explain myself as best as I can, but it usually doesn't go smoothly.

I live in my head, an amazing fantasy land where we can all afford things and nobody "needs" food stamps. Trust me, I understand that this is completely unrealistic and I have no way of making it any different. I just like to think happy thoughts and dream of how I feel things should be. I get it, I am a child, and I pretend no different.

Day Eleven: If I Were President...

Most importantly, if I were president I would get Starbucks for free and it would always be delivered. The White House and Starbucks would have a business deal, I would tweet/Instagram pictures of me and my coffee and in turn, I would get the goods for free. I wonder how fat I would be if I were president...

Secondly, everyone would get to travel. Similar to Helene's travel bucket list, we would all get to make a list of "must-see" places and then the country would find a way to make it happen. Wouldn't that be awesome... there are some people who never get to go anywhere or see anything, that is so sad.

Free healthcare for you and your pets. Oh no, your dog has a tumor? Don't you worry, we will get that taken care of and schedule him for radiation. For me, my dog is just as important as Aaron is. I don't see why I can't get her put on my insurance. Kalie takes anxiety medication in the summer and allergy pills year round. Can I get an HSA discount?

Lastly, schools would go back to teaching kids how to make a budget, how to follow a budget, how to write a check, how to pay bills, things of that nature. Schools would teach kids all the things that they need to know, and less of the stuff they don't need. Why the heck was I allowed to take yearbook for 4 years.. that is definitely helping me now!

Helene in Between Blogtober

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