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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

seriously, stop it.
Day Twenty-Two: Pet Peeves

This post could truly go on for days, so, after Monday's excessively long post, I have decided to limit myself to a single pet peeve. Originally, I had planned to add images... but then I got to Google searching "bumper stickers" and I realized that I may just be asking for trouble. There are no bumper stickers that are completely neutral, and sharing them on here will be just as bad as what I am complaining about.

Truthfully, it does not matter to me if your bumper stickers are things that I completely agree with, or things that I disagree with. I hate all of them, even neutral ones. In fact, I think I hate those the most. I do not ever want to see a stick person family on a car window. Ever. There is an extremely good chance that if I am driving behind you, I already want to punch you. And now I want to punch all of your stick family too. 

Unless we are real life friends, I do not need to know your thoughts on anything. I just need you to drive to where you are going, in a fashion that does not interfere with me driving to where I am going. This is a similar issue I had with Facebook: far too much sharing. Just stop. Seriously. Stop.

Unless the bumper sticker on your car is the gnomies one, I hate it.

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. I never understand bumper stickers....why would you want to deface your own car?? I especially don't understand it when there are 10+ on a car. It just makes it look trashy

  2. Ah, stick figure families! I *was* going to slam into your car with mine, just to be mean, not caring if I damage my 2014 car in the process...but because you put up those stick figures and informed us that you have six children and four cats and a turtle, I changed my mind! / end sarcastic rant

  3. Ahhh yes, I hate the Facebook oversharing too! And I've never understood bumper stickers. Like, have an opinion, fine, whatever. But how do you expect to ever sell your car??

  4. Okay so I'm definitely with you on the stick figure families, but I would take bumper stickers over customized license plates any day! SO many people have them here and like 90% of the time they make ZERO sense and/or are completely stupid and it's like like....why?! If you have some attribute or position you need to express THAT badly, 7 characters is probably not enough space to do that...hence the part where they usually make no sense.