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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

hey bitch...

 "Hey Bitch..." is exactly how I envision myself, speaking to/starting a letter to myself (or really to anyone). I'm not sure why, but that phrase has really had a hold on me. I can't seem to stop saying it, no matter how annoying Aaron finds it.

I have been avoiding this prompt for #BLOGTOBER14 since I first laid my eyes on the list. I have some serious anxiety issues and, in order to avoid them, I really like to have everything planned out, written in stone, and perfectly clear for myself (and for those unfortunate enough to fall into the mentioned plans). And, as I am sure you know, with life, it is extremely hard to have a set in stone, clear, plan. Thus, writing a letter to the future me feels stressful.

Day Eight: A Letter to Myself in 10 Years

Hey Bitch (unless you have accidentally had children, in which case, I hope, you have stopped using this kind of language),

I cannot believe that you (or is it we?) have been married for over 10 years! I remember when I was quite sure that I would never be married at all. It took a long time for Aaron to come around to the idea, but now look at you. Married for 11 amazing years. I couldn't be happier. Well, maybe I could, did he grow his hair back yet?

You must have gotten us a pretty great job by now. Do you love it? Does it make you happy? Are we rich? I am sure the answer is yes to both, I'm proud of you. I refuse to picture myself still working some lame ass job (cough: bank teller). Thanks for getting us out of the rut I am finding myself in now.

A rut that I usually like to blame on LTU. Of course 10 years previous to now I wouldn't have imagined myself still a student... Which means that I feel even stronger about the possibility of you still being a student. You better be finished with that nonsense. The thought of them taking anymore of my money makes me want to vomit.

Speaking of vomiting, is remembering that you are almost 40 as terrifying and nerve wracking as when I remember that I am almost 30? I like to pretend that age gets easier with time... tell me I am right.

I hope that you are as happy as I am right now. Life is stressful sometimes, but overall, I love it and feel very lucky each and every day. I have great friends, a good family, and a wonderful husband, and I hope you do too. If blogging is still a thing in 2024, please feel free to write me back. I am sure you'll have some great advice. Adios!

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. Haha! I hope blogging is still a thing in 2024! Nice letter, I hope you get a reply ;)

  2. I too hope that blogging is still a thing! I also hope that the getting older thing gets easier - I'm told it does but hmmmm x

    1. I've definitely heard that you care less when you actually ARE I guess we will see!!

      check into your blogger settings, you are coming up as a no-reply comment

  3. I especially like your picture! in 2004 I was a sophmore in HS and would've never imagined life as it is now.


  4. Your comment about accidentally having children is cracking me up!!! Such a fun post! :)

  5. I wonder if blogging will still be a thing in the future. Though, to be honest, I wish I would have thought 10 years ago, that blogging was a "thing" to start doing!