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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2 snaps...

...for Andrea! [I try so hard not to use exclamation points, however, sometimes I must]
I met Andrea awhile back when she won my "almost 100 follower giveaway".
I became obsessed, and ever since, we chat regularly. so now, it is your turn to meet her.
you can thank me by reading this post, writing nice comments, and following Love is...

XXO Amanda

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Hey, hey, hey this IS my real hair readers! I'm Andrea & I blog over at Love is...

That guy up there is my husband, Michael. 
And in putting together this post, I realized I have zero pictures of me by myself, 
where I don't look like a complete goon, to use in a guest post. I should probably work on that. 
So that's why you get to see his mug. Although, it's a pretty cute one, so I wouldn't mind if I were you.

Anywho, a few weeks ago, Amanda hit me about about doing a guest post & of course I said yes. 
I mean this girl is hilarious & if you're here, then you're hilarious too & I want to be your friend. 
And then came deciding what to blog about. And I figured since I'm a new sponsor around these parts, 
I'd do a simple get to know me post. Also known as, I got nothing else. Here we go!

I'm a born & raised Minnesotan. 
And although I sometimes pretty much always, end up hating winter every year, 
I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. 

Like I said, I'm married to that guy up there, Michael, who just also happens to be my best friend. 
Yeah, we're kinda mushy like that sometimes. I'm especially lucky that he's my best friend, 
because we just recently up & moved away from everyone & everything we've ever known, for his job. 
We're only a few hours away from everyone, but it's still quite the change & something we're adjusting to. 
But, we're having fun exploring our new surroundings & finding our new normal.

I work full time in a very glamours cubicle job, but I'm also a part time wedding planner, 
which sounds really strange, by the way. After planning our September 2011 wedding, I realized it was something I really enjoyed doing, but never thought I would be able to do it for a job. Turns out I was wrong! A friend introduced me to her wedding planner & the rest was history. Actually the rest is a really long, drawn out story that's really boring, so I'll skip that & just get to the fun part... I'm now blogging for the company & also planning weddings & have my first lead event this July!

I'm an avid outdoors women & I love to bowhunt, fly fish & do other outdoorsy stuff with Michael.

And sometimes, he fly fishes & I read my book. It works for us. = )

So that's me in a nut shell! Thanks for having me Amanda & I hope to see you guys soon!


  1. Look at Katniss guest blogging! Love me some Katniss!

  2. She sounds great - can't wait to check out her blog.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    The Hartungs Blog