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Monday, February 11, 2013

who's that ladyyy

shout out to my brother ryan!
I know you're reading & that you love it.

so this weekend.. not a lot happened really,
but what did happen was very enjoyable.

since I am super short on time this morning,
[I am meeting a friend to do an Account Pretest]
a list of fun things I did is what you'll be getting.

  • I finished almost all of the laundry in the house!  for those of you who are slaves to doing laundry, I know you understand what a real achievement this is. laundry is the worst!
  • I made it to Target at 8AM on Sunday for the unveiling of The Prabal Gurung for Target collection.  since I am broke and Aaron watches my every move I couldn't buy everything that I wanted.  it's totally disappointing because you know I will never get the opportunity to buy these items again.  however, what I did get is totally adorbs.  I die for these sandals, I cannot wait for spring!
  •  I made Aaron and I breakfast! AND it came out amazing.  he is one lucky guy!

Alright, my body is failing apart from all of these workouts,
and I have this dumb ass accounting test, so, I must go.
have a wonderful Monday [as best as you can!] and I'll see you tomorrow,
I don't have much to complain about though..


XXO Amanda

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  1. Hope your accounting test went well!

    And that breakfast looks delish! I'll send my address so you can come cook for me in the mornings, too! ;)


  2. Ugh, laundry. I actually looked at the stack of ours last night & thought, Hmmm, probably could have done something with that since I was home ALL DAY. Oh well, looks like I'll be doing it this week sometime! Love what you picked up from Target, very cute! And that breakfast looks delish, lady! Nice work!

  3. Love the sandals!

    I think everyone hates laundry and those who don't are weirdos. I just finished the laundry but I'm anti folding right now...

  4. That breakfast looks yum! I went to Target too but I didn't take anything home. All they had was the crazy sky high heels and I can't hang with those!