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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ding dong - angry face

hey! look at that, its Tuesday again. I wanted Aaron to do this post...
I thought it might be interesting. ya know, to hear what is ticking him off.
but of course, a week was not enough time to convince him.
I will keep working on it! I really think it would be entertaining.

so here are some things ticking me off:

this IS my real hair
  • the damn dentist.  ohmygodiabsolutelyhatethedentist I recently got a new hygienist and the bitch hurts my teeth.  I think I need pain medication, for real.  
  • being tired at all times... like there is absolutely no need for me to be tired right now. wtf bro
  • this beautiful Bubby is the biggest whiner you will ever know.  it is on the verge of unbelievable. however, it is sadly true.  she doesn't really bark at all, and I can count the number of times she has growled on one hand. but crying? good god, it's like she never quits bitching!
  • when people don't immediately respond to my many attempts of contact. I text, I call, I email.  sure that might make me appear crazy.. but if people would just respond the first time there would be no need for multiple attempts and different kinds. seriously, I just want to be top priority to all.. is that so much to ask? nope. didn't think so... kidding of course.
  • vacuuming. did you know that you have to vacuum/dust your blinds, walls, and ceilings? well I didn't.  until today that is.  now I know because I spent 8 hours working on cleaning one room in my house. and honestly, it looks the same to me. wtf.

alright. I'm finished..
that was more than enough bitching.
today, I plan to tackle another room.
spring cleaning mood strikes whenever it wants!
so I'll see ya tomorrow

XXO Amanda

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  1. Hahah to the vacuuming & dusting. I hate both of the above!

    And new hygienist? Which one left? I'm now getting concerned for tomorrow!

  2. Ugh I am so overdue for a dentist appt... don't remind me!!!

  3. I need to make a dentist appointment but I don't want to. I loved my old dentist. I'm worried a new one won't be as nice...or as gentle on my teeth =(

  4. I love these posts! Okay can I just say that I share in your pain my dog NEVER stops whining seriously when I got her as a puppy I though awe she's just scared in her new house ... 8 years later WTF? She stayed with my sister for a month when I went on my wedding/honeymoon extravaganza and came back SILENT! I called my sister and asked ... WHAT DID YOU DO? She hasn't whined once since she's been home?!?!? She plead the 5th. Well she's back at it ... not as much but seriously I know how you feel I scream SHUT THE F UP all the time. {sigh}

    World According to Shia

  5. Nothing irritates me more than people who don't respond to texts or emails. And then they update their facebook status through their phone and I'm sent over the edge. It's just so f'ing rude!