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Monday, February 4, 2013

what in the hell...

where did the weekend go?
Friday Aaron covered the late shift at his office and didn't get home until 7:30.
then on Saturday he had to work again, and I had to go to the dentist.
do you even know how much I hate the dentist? ohmygodstabmyeyesoutinstead
Friday we celebrated Craig's birthday.
it was a pretty relaxing time, nothing at all crazy.
the three of us went to dinner and that was that, time for bed.
like I said, we had stuff to do early Saturday, we couldn't stay up late.
I'm not always this lame... just on most nights... try not to judge me.

I placed the picture above for two purposes,
one is obviously to show that he was there.
it was a celebration for him after all,
and for your sake, I had to take a photo against his will.
secondly, that is water in front of me.  dun dun dunnnnn
I haven't had a drink for an entire month now.
I will attempt anything to be skinny healthy

Saturday was equally as lame... so that's kind of a bummer.
Aaron worked and I stayed home after the dentist with the Bubby.
she was freezing all day so we took turns being her heated blanket.
the job is not optional. she will smash you into a couch before letting you go.
Sunday was nice. relaxing with spots of excitement.
I worked a lot on blog ideas, posts, and sponsorship opportunities.
I had two large slurpees this weekend, both of them were delicious.
I ate pizza twice.. I had a healthy breakfast at my grandparents house.
I didn't think so in the beginning, but I give this weekend an A.

and this week is going to be even better.
I have a whole schedule of posts planned.
I actually have a schedule now that I plan to follow consistently.
this way, if you aren't interested in something you know when to stay clear.

so far it looks a little something like this:
Monday - Weekend Review
Tuesday - Ticked Off Tuesday [duh]
Wednesday - Wellness Wednesday
Thursday - Weekly Recipe
Friday - Week Highlights

I think this plan will really help me and you cover everything we want to.
I am extremely excited about it and I think that things are changing for the good around here.  
make sure you check back each day this week to determine what the days will be like.

see you soon!

XXO Amanda

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  1. Ugh. I hate the dentist, too! So awful. And to have to go on a Saturday? Even worse, I think!

    I loved your pictures of Bubby snuggles! She's such a sweetheart!

    Also, good for you for not drinking alcohol in a month! That's dedication! I sure don't think I could do it, which is probably sad. I don't think I could give up Mexican food, either. Maybe I've found my problem... ha!


  2. I love a blog plan.

    I had every intention of doing that yesterday. Instead I laid on the couch with the red wine flu and watched 12 episodes of Downton Abbey. No lie. 12.

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  4. Did you get asked if you were pregnant again for not getting a drink? LOL

    I totally go to the dentist this Wednesday too! Ugh at 7.30 am!

  5. Ugh in a pizza coma today from the super bowl and eating the leftovers for dinner tonight ... yum!

    World According to Shia

  6. Love the photo of your doggie.. too cute! New follower via the link up!