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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

turn that frown upside down

I feel strongly that you should know by now that I never do what I say I am going to.
or more accurately, I never do it on time! I like to shake things up to keep you guessing.
so wtf am I talking about? I was going to do my first ever Wellness Wednesday today,
instead I have a fun guest post. and I'll probably combine Wednesday with Tasty Thursday.
I know you like those titles, don't even try to pretend ya don't. enough about me already.

XXO Amanda

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meet Sara:


Hello, all you beautiful This IS My Real Hair readers! 
My name is Sara, and I blog over at there is nothing less radiant!

A couple of months ago, I found Amanda's awesome blog via Person Kalie's blog (hi, Kalie!), and I had an immediate blog crush! I truly enjoy reading all of Amanda's posts - whether they are just plain old hilarious or Amanda just leveling with us - I love her style! She definitely inspires me to be myself when I'm blogging - not just some overly positive and peppy person, because let's face it - everyone has a bad day every now and again, and if this is our own space on the interwebz, we may as well be honest! So, Amanda, thanks for being so real and so inspiring!

Enough of the mushy stuff!

So - like I said - my name is Sara!
appropriate picture: me in the car on the way to Michigan!
A couple of things to know about me.. I'm from Nebraska, but I am not a farmer - I've lived in the capital city of Lincoln pretty much my whole life (except for college). I love Nebraska.. most of the time.
I am married to a pretty great guy, named Derek - it will be FIVE whole years in May! We met at a summer job while we were in college, even though we did not go to the same university. We also went to the same high school, but he's two years older than me, so we never knew each other - even though my best friend is two years older than me so I knew a lot of Derek's classmates. Funny how life works out!
I am a momma to two cats that I treat like my children and love with my whole heart, Kiki and Ollie - Kiki's my grumpy old gal who only really loves me and Derek, and Ollie is the cat the phrase "curiousity killed the cat" was framed after. Though I love cats, I am definitely an animal lover of all kinds (I want a pit bull like Canine Kalie SO bad - it is one of my life's goals to rescue one!). Hello! Everybody should!!
Kiki (she's almost 6) // Kiki & Ollie (they kind of hate each other) // Ollie (he's just about 1.5 years old)
I absolutely love to travel - whether it is to Europe, somewhere in the United States, alone with Derek, to sporting events, or on our family beer-cations (which means we leave Nebraska to go somewhere with great beer and spend our vacation drinking) Colorado, Wisconsin, or Michigan - I'm in!
Paris, France, view of the city from Notre Dame - I went there for school in 2006
on top of Flagstaff Mountain north of Boulder, Colorado
Port Washington, Wisconsin - for a beercation
Maine, where we went for our honeymoon!
Speaking of attending sporting events, since I am a born and raised Nebraskan, I faithfully follow (read: obsess over) Nebraska football - GO BIG RED! I love college and professional football in general though, along with basketball, hockey, tennis, and even baseball - if there is beer involved.
Sea of Red in Lincoln, Nebraska
Hey, look at that - another segue! I also love beer. Not Miller or Bud Lite (though I'm not too snobby to turn one down on a hot day or one mixed with tomato juice!) - I'm talking about craft beer and microbreweries. When it comes to beer, I'll try anything once, even if I know I'm going to hate it (hoppy, or bitter, beers). In fact, Derek and I are going to start home brewing our own beer soon!
Saw this sign in a microbrewery in Colorado & loved it!
a picture of my most favorite beer - the Reverend by Avery Brewing in Boulder, CO
Finally, what you will probably see most often on my blog - especially right now, since Derek is back in school and I sometimes feel like a single kitty mom - is my slight obsession with nail polish! (Check out my favorite polishes of 2012 here!) Honestly, I change my nail polish about three times a week on average, and I usually have an accent nail of some kind. I even like to dabble in nail art! I really love talking nail polish and trying new things, so stop by, ask me any questions, give me nail art suggestions, or just gape at how much polish I have (I am seriously lucky that my husband has not murdered me yet due to the sheer amount of polish I own..)
my favorite nail art I've ever done - for a Graffiti6 concert last year!
2nd favorite nail art - for the Hunger Games movie!
So there's me and my blog in a nutshell! Stop by, say hi, and stay a while! There are some good things coming soon, including the awesome fact that I'm getting a customized blog re-design in the near-ish future! I have also been itching to do a giveaway of my own, because I really like giving! And it would probably involve nail polish, and I really love getting people involved in my little obsession! ;)

You can also follow along with my shenanigans on all kinds of social media platforms! Check out the links below!

Thanks for reading my ramblings, and thanks to Amanda for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself to you!



  1. You forgot to end with the fact you are feverishly trying to convince your family to come back to Michigan for a beer trip, strictly so you can meet Amanda & I (okay, I suppose you can have your beer too)...