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Friday, February 8, 2013

light up my life

you know what's sad? my life! just kidding. sorta...
my plan is to post highlights from the week [I finally have highlights!]
so I want to do High Five for Friday with Lauren from My Grey Desk.
I have been thinking about my top five things that I will be posting...
but I think you already know about all of them! sad times for my post.
just pretend you don't, it will be more fun for all of us that way!

#1.  Donating Blood
I am a natural giver. I want to donate a kidney to a stranger,
but Aaron won't let me. he is convinced that I might need it.
I am convinced that he thinks HE might need it. not the point.
I have plans to be put on the bone marrow donation registry,
and to donate to whoever I possibly can. I'm not sure, really...
I just feel like if you are able, then you should help, stranger or not.
so I am donating blood today and if you're free then you should too.
talk about preaching huh? I apologize. sometimes I feel strongly.

#2. Working Out
my workouts have been extremely consistent this week. 
I have burned a ton of calories and even when I didn't feel like it,
I still pushed through and sweated out some fat! get it tubs!!
you must try the Nike Training Club App. it will kill you.
I have started one of the 15 minute "Get Focused" workouts,
and 5 minutes in, started screaming "go f#$% yourself!" at the phone.
it has little video clips so you know how to do the moves.
skinny, pretty, bitches. they make it looks so easy. I hate them.
but anyway, its a to die for app. not kidding. get it. right now. go.

#3.  Successful Blogging Week
I have been a consistent blogger this week, and it feels great.
my schedule has been working and my page views are increasing.
traffic is good and I was featured on The Browse on Thursday.
its a great week in my world when I only lose one follower.
when you are as offensive as I am that is quite an achievement.

#4.  Winter Storm Nemo
6-8 or 6-10, if there is anything out there then I will be happy!
it's all up in the air. as we all know, the media hypes this shit up.
it never really snows like it is supposed to [or like I want it to]
and since I am writing this portion on Thursday I don't know the outcome.
I can tell you this much. I am doing a snow dance and enlisting help!

#5.  My Clean House
I cannot remember the last time my house has been this clean.
spring cleaning was taken to the extreme this week. so exciting!
I vacuumed ceilings, walls, blinds, furniture, and obviously, floors.
dusted, pledged, scrubbed, and threw things away. it is so nice.
the house is almost unrecognizable, in the best way imaginable.
also, I remembered something Taylor said awhile ago,
and I have made the bed every day. I hope this is a new habit.

it has been a good week, and I am looking forward to a good weekend.
I have two gym visits planned and unless there really is a blizzard I will be there.
hope you had an excellent week as well, and I hope your weekend is even better.
be lazy, watch hours of television, do homework, blog, and eat some fruit.
you deserve it! oh and don't forget to donate some blood, or plasma, or a kidney!

XXO Amanda

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  1. Hi Amanda! Dropping by from #H54F and have to say I totally agree w/ your #1! Donating blood is so important! I'm glad to see someone else with passion for it and love the idea of joining the bone marrow registry. I hope you have an awesome weekend!
    -Erika (

    P.S. I deleted my first comment because I totally failed at adding html lol

  2. Hope you're surviving Nemo! I'd really, really like to know your opinions about the Weather Channel naming storms - your opinions are amazing! :)

    Congrats on being featured on The Browse!

    And that Nike Training Club app sounds like something I need to get in on - I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the suggestion!


  3. Congrats on the clean house! Poo to people that unfollow!

    Have a great weekend and stay warm!

    World According to Shia

  4. I just stumbled across your blog! LOVE IT!
    I look forward to following and getting to know you better!

    suzi and chores and chandeliers

  5. Great job with the consistent workouts! A few weeks of that and it'll become second nature!

  6. You're on a roll with everything! Way to go!!

  7. So, I downloaded the Nike Training Club app after you wrote about it. I used it this morning. I picked advanced thinking "oh, I've got this shit, I go to the gym like 5+ days a week." Life lesson: it's hard. So, thank you for mentioning the app. I feel like I'm going to get my ass in shape before my vacation next month thanks to that app! :)