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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

crappy chi hair straightner

guys... I only have one thing to talk about. one thing that is totally ticking me off.
and that one thing totally ticking me off is my shitty hair straightener.
and by the way, this shitty hair straightener is the second one in two dang years.
how long should ones hair straightener work for? like a couple of years?
I feel like this amount of time is not long enough!!
I look like a damn hot mess. why oh why is my life so hard!?
wow, been dramatic much?
so I legit have to take a 5 minute break in between all sections of my hair.
and! these sections of my hair could not be any smaller. I am so serious!
can you imagine how long this is going to take when I grow my hair completely back out?

also, here is a great question, how can the thing not straighten my hair, 
but burn my hand, my ear and forehead? I think I don't understand life.

so obviously I should get a new straightener... which I clearly cannot afford.
UGHHHHHHH does anybody recommend a particular brand?
I have heard that Misikko's are really good...

I honestly am just angry.  I spent a ton on the Chi that I have and it sucks.
of course everyone was all, Chi's are so good. well I guess not!
I am pissed. I do not want this to happen again! I can't afford it..
like my bank account can't afford it and neither can my appearance.

help meeeeeeee

XXO Amanda
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  1. Really? I've had my chi straightener for a couple years and the one before that I had for 6. Which one are you using?

  2. I bought an Amika from the mall 2 years ago, and that thing keeps on truckin' Both my daughter and I use it.
    We bought it from a kiosk, you know those people that annoy the shit outta you when you walk buy? I have super thick, course hair, and well when he passed that straightener thru on one swipe and it was perfectly straight. I was sold. I think I paid $125 for it, but I haggled them down too.

  3. That's so weird! I've had my Chi for quite a few years now & it's going strong. Watch, it's going to die on me now, because I said that. Sucks yours isn't working for you!