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Monday, March 25, 2013

you are such a lazy fool

this was yet another weekend where I ate shit and didn't do shit.
I have a lot of stomach issues and when I choose to fall of the wagon...
I fall off really hard and am sick for days afterwards!
all this to say, I feel like absolute crap today. 
head ache, stomach ache and other things you don't want to know about.

can I be completely honest here? without judgement?
I am about to share something so embarrassing....
Aaron and I watched two complete seasons of a television show...
not like a 30 minute [really 20 minute] Modern Family show.
a legit, one hour long, showtime series...
13 episodes in season one, 12 in season two. wtf is wrong with me.
I probably gained 32 pounds this weekend.

on Saturday I went for a run? yeah... 30 minutes.
talk about being lazy, even while you are being active. 
I am so ashamed that I have to stop talking about it right now.

tonight I start Revolt and I can't wait!!
I really hope I don't die or pass out.
see you tomorrow

XXO Amanda

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