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Monday, March 18, 2013

is it really house hunting...

...if you leave the house with no idea where you are going,
and then return having found not a single house, but an area?
oh the things that Aaron and I do! always interesting.

can you believe another weekend has come and gone?
I feel so close to spring, but when I look out the window...
all I see is snow! why must mother nature torture us??

Friday was really lazy for me [with working a full day]
if you read my post from Saturday you will understand.
because of this laziness, I had planned a run for Saturday.
only, I woke up and there was snow blowing everywhere.
it was not a good feeling, I had really been planning on that run.

Saturday we went to dinner for Aaron's Grandmother's birthday.
we all went to Olive Garden [where the calories are OUT OF CONTROL]
I definitely had to plan ahead to stay successfully in my calorie count.
I ended up doing the same kettle bell work that I have done before.
I was a little lazier with it than normal though, but I still burned 300 calories.
which was not really enough for dinner, but I still felt a lot better about it.

on Saturday we also picked up my littlest sister Samantha.
she is four and not very used to doing things on her own.
she actually did very well and only cried a little at bed time.
we will have to try a few more trial runs before taking her on vacation.
which by the way, I am taking many vacations coming up...
I am going to need some guest posters. let me know if you are interested.

yesterday, Sunday, was a great day.
I worked out with Breanna for about an hour,
while I was doing that Aaron and Samantha had breakfast.
then we took her home and went "house hunting"
we basically just ended up taking a long drive, on dirt roads... 
it was actually really fun, I was surprised by it really.
we got home around 5PM and were lazy the rest of the night.

and that was my weekend!
what happened to you?

XXO Amanda

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  1. That's exactly what Michael & I do when we've gone house hunting. There's no actual houses involved, but it's fun to see the area & pretend that the houses we love are actually for sale!