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Monday, March 11, 2013

it's going to be a long one

so guys... remember when I complained early last week,
about how I hadn't left my office or my computer?
how I had been working on my theory/philosophy exam for a week...
guess what I am doing right now? yep! this damn exam.
here, lemme give you a little taste of it:

Humanism is the shift of society’s mentality away from faith-based ideals and redirecting towards independent thought and individual expression. As attention on medieval Christian faith began to fade, the significance on genuine human interest became more prominent.  Humanism spread from Northern Italy and France to the Netherlands, then Germany and England.This shift of new ideas helped to create a progressive environment, which many felt opened the door for The Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. Humanism is a movement focused on centralized human values, a big change from the religious beliefs of movements of the past.  This focus gradually gave way to a break from the Christian doctrine and the church.  As interest in the church continued to decline, society became more focused on itself and the present world.
did you learn a lot? I should hope so.  
my first sentence is worth 2 out of 10 points!
ugh. I'm probably going to fail..

in other news, I started my dietbet yesterday
and I have a job interview today.  wish me luck?
I am submitting this exam this morning, 
so you will get a real post tomorrow, 
and it is bound to be long. I'm looking forward to it.

XXO Amanda

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