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Saturday, March 16, 2013

please accept my apology

this week I have 100% sucked at blogging and I totally apologize.
as it turns out, I actually got offered the job that I interviewed for.
it also so happens that I worked a full day there on Friday.
I will be honest with you, it was terrible! I don't plan on returning.
the job wasn't really what [I feel] was explained to me.
it was extremely boring, and they weren't going to pay me enough.
they also do work for my old employer.. which is just awkward.
basically, I sat in a conference room for 6.5 hours, transferring red lines to the computer.
pretty much spoke to nobody the entire time I was there. [the other girl had on headphones]
so it was sitting in a silent office, staring at a computer screen all damn day. can't do it.
certainly not for $11/hour, contract position so I have to save almost all of it anyway for taxes.
I am just going to continue working on Aaron's business and keep looking.
if anybody knows of any Marketing related positions anywhere let me know.

other than that I have just been busy working out and focusing on losing weight.
I am already getting so much better at running.. better than I have ever been.
I know a lot of people can just start out and go and then breath a little heavy but be fine.
it is not the case when you are really heavy.  couch to 5k is hard. 5 minutes straight is hard.
but I am totally getting there and it is so rewarding! I can't wait to run real distances.
currently six miles is my maximum for one time and I would love for it to be way longer.
yeah, I was one of "those girls", I ran with my hair down.. seemed okay since it was 37* out.

I have also been doing some kettle bell workouts. these are a really great option for me.
you end up getting your heart rate up really high, and you are doing weights at the same time.
I hate spending a ton of time on this stuff.  if I can get a workout that is hard but fast, that's for me. 
in fact, I am going to go do a kettle bell work out right now.
have a great weekend and I will see you here on Monday.

XXO Amanda

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  1. Congrats on getting the job... too bad it didn't work out, but if that's how you felt on day 1... well I doubt it'll get better. I'm jealous that you're so super into working out and losing weight... help me get there!

  2. UGH that job sounds awful! Good for you with running, it is so rewording once you start getting good at it! I just started doing dumbell/kettlebell workouts through this program called Revolt and it is currently kicking my trash. I love it! (I swear this comment isn't spam, I really am a real person who blogs and happens to have just started Revolt and loves it)


  3. Boo! Sucks about the job, but at least you figured it out before you got to far in!

    I've been thinking about trying this kettle bell stuff out. Do you do them at a gym or at home? And congrats on the running success!