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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

have you ever heard the saying...

"run into an asshole in the morning, he's an asshole.
run into assholes all day, you're an asshole." ??
dude, I think... I think I might just be an asshole.

I just ate a full can of Spaghetti-O's...
now I just feel so full that I could die.
how is it that those cans are for children??
it's either way too much food or...
there is something seriously wrong with me.
I would think there is a good chance the problem is me.

wow. so anyway, did you realize that it's Tuesday?
thus it is time again for Ticked Off Tuesday

this IS my real hair

so here are some things that I think we can all agree suck it big time:

  • rain on cold days. as if this winter b.s. wasn't bad enough, she [obvi mother nature] has to throw rain into the mix?  I hate getting wet, my hair freaks out with any moisture, and the dog is a huge pain in the ass [more than typically I mean]. sure, she has to go to the bathroom, but when you try to let her out she's all, "oh shit, it's raining... eff that." then three minutes go by and she has forgotten that it is raining and she's asking to go out again

  • long red lights combined with very short green lights.  I hate sitting for 25 years at a red light only to have it turn red again before I can get through the intersection.  I am 100% in favor of lights that are all based on a camera.  if there is a busy road, I understand they need the green longer. but the damn thing should know that I am sitting there and just gimme a go.
  • when smoke detectors randomly go off.  all night long, felt like every five minutes, the damn smoke alarm would beep crazy loud. I guess this is what happens the battery is dying? only, our smoke alarms are wired and all of them are connected. ya know, so if one goes off they all do. so I don't see the need for it to have a little bitchfest because the backup battery is dying!
  • dogs that are afraid of noises. please read the above note. yeah, somebody else had a bitchfest when the beeping was happening. the dog has been a wreck all damn day.
  • when you go to get an Icee or Slurpee and the red light is turned on, and of course, only on the flavor that you went for. I hate that damn red light! once I even tried to wait the light out.. guess what? you can't. shit is on for a super long time. such a depressing moment.
  • DVRed something and then everybody posts what happened. I pretty much almost always watch t.v. the next day. I cannot stand commercials. I am not a patient person. so I DVR the shit and watch it a day later. but everybody tries to ruin it for me. just shut the hell up!! no spoiler alerts please!!

and that is all. have a merry Tuesday bitches!

XXO Amanda

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  1. sitting at red lights is the worst. i get sooooo pissed! just not ok.

  2. I think our stomachs shrink as we get older, but that's just me... I can't eat an entire can of Spaghetti-Os anymore.

    Our smoke detectors are all wired together as well, but when one's out of battery, it chirps. LOUDLY at two minute intervals. VERY annoying if you ask me!

    Also, I am sick and tired of this rain and snow bullshit. WHAT THE FUCK, mother nature?

    Undecided Answer

  3. Hate red lights. So much so, that yesterday I went a totally different, out of my way, way home, just so I didn't have to sit at a light. Probably didn't save me any time at all, but I was just glad I wasn't sitting there!

  4. Rain & Cold combo is one of the worst, for realzzzz! I am so ready for warm rain and the smell of it which means Summer has finally arrived:)